Fine Jewelry, Note Cards, and splendid Mosaics by Erica Wendel-Oglesby

Eclectic Shopping for Over 30 Years.  Our creative and whimsical artists include Salsbury, Boyd, Forge, Burger and seven more.


Specialty Drinks, Wine, -- Try Our Moscow Mules!

Dancing Rainbow.jpg

Tie-dyed clothing & accessories in all sizes, hacky sacks & beaded items for kids!

Art to Inspire Our Collective Evolution

by Ramona Snow Teo

Divine Nature Arts

Extraordinary gemstone rings in unique gold and silver settings, handcrafted in Santa Fe, NM!

Eaton-Eger Goldsmiths

Hand Crafted Beer brewed with Heart & Soul in Angel Fire!

Enchanted Circle Brewing Co.

Purveyor of fine handcrafted offerings from Central Asia!



Indian Frybread, Indian Tacos and Vegetarian options!

Platero's Frybread & Navajo Tacos

A delicious and refreshing selection of Italian Water Ice flavors!

Pop Pop's Original Italian Ice


Incredible Properties for Short Term or Long Term Hire

Resort Properties Of Angel Fire

Artist CDs, Merchandise and more!

Festival Eclectica Merch Booth

Treehugger Stonewear strives to create affordable jewelry from primarily natural semiprecious gemstones and recycled metals. It specializes in southwestern-themed pieces using wire-wrapping and metal-smithing techniques.

Treehugger Stoneware

The exotic, the strange, the beautiful. Artisanal Crafts by Katrina Steinbacker.

Tumble Craft

All water sales benefit Shuter Library 100%.  Charging Station Provided. Free sprays of SP50 Sunblock!

Water Sales / Recharge Your Devices

Hand painted tables and boots, sculpture, jewelry, oil and acrylic, collage, multimedia, beadwork, and mosaic installations. Modern, slick, subtle, refined, rustic. Glass Mosaics from recycled products

Zoe Mosaics
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